Anupama || 15 January Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today in this article you will get to read what will happen in today’s episode of Anupama, although you all must know that what is going on in Anupama’s episode, Malviya village and Vanraj have become business partner, Malvika has given 5000000 rupees. Otherwise, without thinking of ji and doubts him and says that why did you give 5000000 then there is a fight in the middle and Rajput thinks that you have a problem with me or tell ₹ 5000000, I also want to know this What will you do for us, visit our website and join the channel, there you will keep getting updates on time, then read our article completely and know what will happen in today’s episode of Anupama.






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Anupama says why will you make your tea Anuj says I can’t do a lonely job in the kitchen and let you work alone in the kitchen I won’t let this happen Anjali I mean Anupama Anupama I will never let you work alone in the kitchen Anupama eats the pot and says that the doctor has asked you to take rest, don’t you go and rest, I will bring your tea by making breakfast, says Anuj.



Nothing will happen by making tea, at least I can make tea, a few years ago, I had to talk to you about one important thing, actually what Mukul said about you means that what you have said in your heart with love fillings, please talk about it. Don’t feel bad about her, she is a big child, she speaks anything without thinking and then look, I do not know and neither do I have anything for you in my heart, should take load of apps, Anupama speaks in her mind.



Which one have you taken my mind’s X-ray, come big, you have nothing for me in your mind, Anuj speaks and I also know that there is no place for love in your heart, you told my half Anupama then Anupama speaks Ha ha, I am born to meet you, where will the place of love be in my life. Anuj speaks and anyway you consider me only as your friendship, just a friend Anupama says in your mind that a boy and a girl can also be friends, but apart from a friend, there can be one thing too, says Anuj Look please don’t feel bad about me too, I sincerely apologize to you for that.



You speak sorry experience for me, just say sorry to this man, then Anuj speaks of this man actually you were right that once in life after being cheated in love, Anu says to love again so much you say sir, I speak Anupama The words have been as if there is a very big introvert, there is no feeling, there is no place, Hey Thepla, you know that Anuj speaks, you are fine or experience speaks, yes why Anuj speaks, cut the onion comfortably, it seems that you are angry, Anupama speaks I am angry that’s why I am cutting onions.



Anupama says, I should get my ears cleaned of onion, what does Malvika like to eat for breakfast Manoj says don’t worry about you people, no one knows her likes and dislikes and the infant is 10 years old, the main is or not, she has changed She then goes to Malvika there and says good morning Anupama says tell me what will you eat for breakfast, I make it quickly. I have come later, so I will cook my brother’s food with my own hands, not only for my brother but also for you.


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