Anupama || 14 December Episode Story & Facts

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Anuj speaks to Anupama that tell me what Anupama was trying to say, you start talking to me Anupama and starts saying, I become silent again and then says that I was saying that only then a doctor comes there and says love Use me experience speaks, doctor has come, doctor speaks hello Mr. Kapadia, all your reports have come normal Mr. Kapadia, now you are completely fine, but once you had scared us, understand that Anuj Kapadia spoke by touching the danger. Is.



Thank you doctor, the doctor says, we have given only medicine, your loved ones have prayed for you and especially your wife or it is their love that has brought you back Anuj Kapadia says that this is not my wife, the doctor says we are sorry. Says that actually till today in the hospital I have seen only those who love each other doing such a break I am sorry please don’t my I prepare your discharge paper then Anuj Kapadia looks on the side and says.


Anu was trying to tell me something before the doctor came Then experience speaks, he speaks what came in his experience, what should I say beyond that, Anupam speaks, neither will anyone be worse than me for such heroism.



What Anupama says, if someone will come to the hospital to do such heroism, then there will be a Jat, what was the need, what was the need to fight with sr44 goons alone, what was the need to risk life, you know how scared I was to say this next time so I I will make your chaar like a spice, then Anuj Kapadia says that I do not like pickles ok I apologize I will not do it again Anubhav says sure promise is Anuj’s birthday, Kankali holds his hand and says Pinky Promise Rainbow speaks Yes, I come after asking the doctor, how long can I go home.


Raj Kapadia says Anupama didn’t want to scold me either I really had to say something then she says I didn’t scold and what would I say Anupama comes out of the room and stands by the wall then Anuj Kabadi picks up his phone and sees Is she getting missed calls or many fancy clothes of Malvika calls on her but she doesn’t pick up the call and says why are you calling me so much, and even today I got a call on the anniversary of Babuji. There can be talk.



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