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Anupama is sitting next to Anuj, then Anupama asks Anushya in the room and says Anupama, before saying anything to you, then Anupama, I do that, only then Anuj starts feeling dizzy, then Anupama says in the head. I want to tell you


Unwell Mama sees that Anuj is feeling dizzy. Anupam asks if Anuj is fine, only then GK also comes there and says what happened Anuj, son Anuj says nothing, I was a little dizzy GK It says that after taking rest, son Anubhav also says, rest, you ji says that neither I believe.


Not if you say doctor’s Anupama, then you will agree, then you also come there and then ask if everything is fine here Anupama says nothing, son was a little dizzy

If she eats medicine and goes to sleep, then it will be fine, GK says that I will keep it, then he takes it out of his hand and says that I will put food, you guys come, Anupama speaks to Anuj.


Now ok give me that tablet, I put it, then she puts the tablet, then Anupama gives her water and gives the tablet and says comfortably behind the experienced Anuj that you lie down, rest and go to sleep then you will see that Next day it happens Anupama is praying in the house and Jai Shree Krishna speaks to GK and GK says that I bring milk. Then Anupama is giving sound throughout the house.


Just then the drum of the house rings, Anupam opens the door, Anupama’s babuji would have come there, man, we Anupama, Jai Shri Krishna, Aapne Bhav ji sees her spirit towards the house and says that nothing son, nothing and says in her mind. It is that today you have opened the door of your friend’s house, instead of God, you open the door of your husband, not your friend, experience speaks ji, babu ji, why are you standing outside, come inside, babu ji speaks.


When I went to the temple, I thought, seeing Anuj, I had found a jalebi person on the way. She gives water and puts things in a plate and then asks how is everyone in the house, despite that she says okay son, Anubhav speaks, despite how poetry is, she speaks just as she is.


Otherwise even today we all misunderstand poetry and maybe it is wrong now but as it is because of Vanraj, my son never understood the relationship, the first relationship lasted so many years, he was fighting because of you and you Those who play and now both are going to fight in the relationship, do not know what will happen, thought I will talk with Vanraj but he does not have time, even today he has gone for a big meeting, experience says good thing.


Neither at least his work is starting again bolti hai na babu ji aapse ek baat karni thi I am ready to give myself a chance but ready to go ahead with Anuj but I am afraid babuji that Don’t make me your support.



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