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Kavya asks Anupama who is the girl Anupam speaks, I do not know Kavya speaks, if not, then find out how your boyfriend is hugging Anuj did not hide love only for 36 years, this Malviya was also kept hidden. All men are the same All man RCM then she is the girl Malvika tells Anuj that it is okay then let’s go Abe says Veer, look how is it going, it is good to go.


Malvika says she forgot to introduce you both to her gas, Anuj says, guest will look at the owners, then Anuj looks at the clothes, Anuj becomes fond of Anupam and seeing his family members, Mr. Malvika holds Anuj’s hand. He catches her and takes her towards Anupama’s family. Malvika says that today I have met your family and you introduced me to them.


Which is very important for me and my life, my everything is my life, my uncle and my elder brother Anuj Kapadia go to all the squares Anuj Anupam looks at Anupama, Kavya thinks in her mind and says who is sister to sister. Keeps it hidden.


Vanraj says Anuj is your brother Malvika says yes Anuj is my brother but what is the matter of cleaning so much in him, he is bigger than me but I call him Anuj because Anuj means little GK how is he happy, isn’t it? That’s why I bring that Anuj, if you call him by his name, I do it only like a brother with a message. Malvika says you guys know each other.


Do we then speak there, we all know each other very well, so Ranu ji never told about you, neither did Mr. Sa told nor did Anuj ever tell Malvika that what is happening, someone will tell me I don’t have any idea otherwise I will die of suspense and I don’t have good blonde in my stomach I want to know what is happening in gym Vanraj speaks Malavika I kept my deal cigarette because I wanted to surprise my family This is my family, ask my father, this is my maternal uncle.


This is my birthday son Pardesa and his wife Kinjal, this is my younger son, take care of his future wife Nandini and this is my daughter Park, then Kavya says why I am Vanraj’s pipe Kavya Vanraj speaks of Malvika but how do you know Anuj then? Mohanraj says that both Anuj and my ex-wife are friends and now business partner too and you have invited your ex-wife to this party


Malvika says that you have not introduced all this to your ex-wife online, then Anuj says that if you know that she is also your friend, then do the introduction, Anoop ji says that this is Malvika, my younger sister and This is Anupama Anupama goes to Malvika Chowk and says this is Anupama.



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