Anupama || 22 December Episode Story & Facts

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Malvika speaks to Anupama, tell me what is it that was not near, Prasad was to Tabeeji, Lord Malvika says that who are you to tell the answer of Ji’s brother, then Malvika says that Anupama Malvika hugs Anupama Hai Malvika says I know you very well Anupama says how I am meeting you for the first time Malavika says that you have met me for the first time but I have met you many times.


Manbhav says that means Malvika speaks that means in Anuj’s eyes, in his poetry, in his poetry, in his words, in his thoughts, Anuj says everywhere in his thoughts that it has happened to me, Malvika speaks, though you will not know about me, right? Speaks, I could not say that do not tell anything about me to anyone, do not tell anything to anyone, any experience speaks.


That you are very sweet, we also say that you mean so much Anupama said that it means very sweet. Anupama then looks at Anu ji. And thinks Anuj said that there is a relationship of 1 day and there is also a relationship where I should have spoken, Malvika says that now Malvika speaks to both of you partners, by the way, you can not get a better partner than my brother Anuj says that the main please Malvika says, just I am saying that you will see them, how good are you, how good are you.


His style is absolutely SRK type, just one thing is very useless, this poetry which is not very dirty, Anupam says that he does good poetry or not, Malavika speaks how do you know that he does very good poetry, Anubhav says that he I have heard his poetry a couple of times, Malavika speaks OK, you have listened to his poems a couple of times, what is the matter. Malvika says that the rest of the things will be named later or else the guest will feel that it is not a business party.


Some family drama has started. Malvika goes to Vanraj and says that let’s take some pictures, then she keeps poetry and says that for 1 minute Raj is not her Ramraj, Vanraj is Vanraj. Poetry speaks, there the relationship is formal, Malvika says that but I do not like formality.





No, not in business, not in relationship, that’s why the phone is not the secret, only the secret ever speaks, then why didn’t you shorten your name. I was not even thinking for the exam then neither did I calculate in my mind what the short form of Malvika can be I am Malavika.


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