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Anupama says that I didn’t feel bad because you didn’t tell me that’s why I felt bad that you didn’t even consider me worthy, you could tell me one thing But you hide your every sorrow, every trouble inside you, all your pain comes from alone, why would I not even deserve it, I have a little right over your misery Anuj says that it is not like this Anupama is not like that at all You are misunderstood, I was going to tell you everything about me, even at home, the experience speaks.



That but don’t know brother Anupama says that she is trying to understand why business partner could not explain experiences, understandable but why friend could not tell Anupama Devika says that one friend’s other friend’s You have full authority over sorrow over trouble, then I have given you many rights but why didn’t you show it to me. Anuj holds Anupama’s hand when Malavika’s voice comes.



Brother brother I have a surprise for you I have ordered milkshake for you first we will have food then can get paan let’s take Anuj’s hand and takes GK and tells family that sorry couldn’t tell you about Malvika Didn’t even think why Anuj would not come back suddenly and you people do not even know where she was when she will come, Ji says that Malvika is like such a wind, today here and tomorrow where it does not stay like this suddenly disappears Leela speaks.



That and it happens even suddenly, like today again only her parents say that like me, she would have forgotten everything, would she have said who she is, where she lives, her babuji says that such a person does not do it when he speaks Then when he wants to speak there is something she wants to say from which she wants to run away GK says that Anuj’s life resides in him when he comes back I didn’t know we would meet Leela says.



That someone must be the reason for her coming, 1 Rajput is standing behind Anupama, Anubhav speaks and says that you have scared me Vanraj speaks man, what do you need me, you were already scared but why Malavika Anuj Sister is a little shocking, but I also became very fond of Malviya, I do not use any surname, so I did not know that she is also Kapadia and sister of Anuj, but if we go, neither sister nor Anupama says that there is no sister. Even then it doesn’t matter my problem.



That Amarnath says that Anuj has not told, does not say that there must be some reason Anupama, I am happy that she is his sister, you know that Anuj knows me very well, at least he is in working with me. Will be comfortable, though looking at both, it does not seem that both are siblings, both are different, completely different.


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