Anupama || 28 December Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today’s article is going to be very special for you guys because today in this article you will get to read what will happen in Anupama’s episode, although you all must know what is going on in Anupama’s episode. It is how Malvika has come and Anupama who is telling that truth, then Malvika comes there and Anuj says that do not tell the outsiders about our house, will there be a rift in the relationship between Anuj and Anupama because of Malvika? To know this, visit our website and also join Telegram channel, read your article completely to get timely updates and know what will happen in today’s episode of Anupama.





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Malvika says to GK that I have seen a sari in the house, have seen a woman’s belongings, then tell who is married. There is a scene, GK says that there is no scene, if no one has married, then she says that you wear that sari, GK says that Anuj will answer it, then Malvika says that the sari is Anupama’s and Anupama would have stayed the same. Is.



Malvika says that this means my case was absolutely right. In this, you are not looking overweight at all, then she says that I am not sweet in this, Samar says that you have taken the acceptance, so you are not feeling more weight, now it will look like it is not then she says that sweetie learn brother Why don’t you speak this, some tell him that you go and complain in the Supreme Court, Amen, go and tell Babuji, Kinjal speaks.



There is no need that Babu ji has just gone to his room tired, then sleep does not say that why are you doing summer, you say that oh sorry, we had forgotten, your Supreme Court has changed, Vanraj on the border And Kavya Sweety says that Papa, you had not organized the world’s best party, then tells him that actually Papa, I have never been to such a grand party, Summer speaks that how middle class you are to hi-fi party I keep going, neither does it tell him that Nandini tells Samar that the Uncle Party was really amazing, then he tells him.



That Papa I am so proud of you Sweety says that I am also sad Tosu tells what happened Papa film style speaks that it is a big deal for a father to see pride in the eyes of his children, I probably did something for the first time Did this so that my children are feeling proud of me, this feeling, I had completely forgotten, then tells him that but we did not say, Papa Kinjal speaks again, nor will we ever speak. Poetry speaks in the mind. For I am or not, as soon as my words come, I become maternal uncle, who remembers everything, does not remember me in the bus, Vanraj speaks.



Well, I had to say one important thing to all of you. I know that all of you should be better than your mother because no matter how big the children grow up, it can never happen that they do not need their mother but in all this we all forget that somewhere A mother also has her own life or should be like we all have a life of our own, in the same way Anupama also has a life and you probably should let her live her life. I don’t have any right on it now, but you guys have and will be, but while expressing the right, always remember that Anupama has the first right on Anupama’s life.




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