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Friends, today’s article is going to be very special for you guys because today in this article you will get to read what will happen in Anupama’s episode, although you all must know what is going on in Anupama’s episode. It is how Malvika has come and Anupama who is telling that truth, then Malvika comes there and Anuj says that do not tell the outsiders about our house, will there be a rift in the relationship between Anuj and Anupama because of Malvika? To know this, visit our website and also join Telegram channel, read your article completely to get timely updates and know what will happen in today’s episode of Anupama.





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Faraz says that we have got younger Anupama, Kinjal has handled this house very well but now we have to take care of ourselves without Anupama because I want work now Anupama has come to this house only for happiness. Not to reduce our troubles, the poet says in the mind that they decorate each other in a second and I do not even bite me even the child of this house will have to come close to bite or else it speaks.



That I have always remained the father of all of you, could never be a friend, so maybe you guys always share everything with Anupama, I can not take the place of Anupama, but I can try if I could not become a friend, then at least the enemy I will not become a father in our generation. Gabbar Singh’s father was also believed to be a terror that Babu is returning from office. Children leave the playground and return home to run away. Aditya and Mau also have the same Ram. Banu and that if the child asks for something, then the mother will say that ask the father, if he says, we will do it because the mother knew.




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