Anupama || 4 January Episode Story & Facts

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Anuj says that Anupama main is the sweetest truth of my life but at the same time so many bitter memories are attached behind this truth that when I remember when I go to the last time when the crown left us, I did not even know that When will she come back, whether she will meet me or not No, I can’t even tell my mouth what we are going to do next moment, we were all very upset with mother Baba ji since childhood, but we could never find her anywhere, in that our life was like your family around you. – revolves around.




In the same way, the round of our life or death was going well, then suddenly one day it was my birthday, that day also opened as usual and I danced on the song, I did not like to party on my birthday at all. Didn’t like it at all, so all five of us used to celebrate the crown of mother baba ji but that day suddenly I don’t feel like going out I wanted to go out and celebrate everyone refused but I believed in life and that Gone because of my life everyone said yes, GK had work, stayed at home, the rest of us went out of the house, because of my war, our lives changed, the procession was the darkest night of life for me that night I bike But it was.



And all of them were in the car and those people were in the car. I told them that we will race, Amresh was doing and suddenly our accident happened in the car. She was dying to see her parents beating her mouth at both the places, she was dying in the hospital for 14 days, I went to the temple, I asked for Manda’s vows, but I did not know whether my face would come back or not. Peacock papa had taken a promise from me before leaving that I would always write to eat the mouth, I would never let him get into any trouble, but I only let him go out that day, then after 14 days, God had your shadow on me and my mother’s eyes. I opened my eyes to do emo, but there was an emptiness in her eyes, she knew that our parents were no more but she did not say a word to me, did not ask any questions, did not complain, did not blame only two whenever she used to look at me .





I began to prick a strange emptiness in his eyes, that silence still stings in my ears, it resonates with me. Moko was older than that, never said this to me again, but the comfort in her ears made me run inside. didn’t tell me and I don’t know where she is maybe she wanted to punish me



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