Anupama || 31 December Episode Story & Facts

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Anupama Anusha says, you have supported me at every step, without any question, without any condition, without any expectation, without any expectation, without expressing, without telling, without telling, without telling, now it is my turn, I do not know the reason for not telling What was it but you know that there must be a reason and if it is from a person then the reason can not be wrong like you have always stood by me, in the same way I will also stand by you always felt a little bad but that does not mean I’m angry with you



Or I do not believe in you and tells me that thank you Anu for understanding me but I will tell you everything No Anupama, now I cannot hide anything from you, I will tell you everything, on the other hand it says that Malavika Bhai’s accident and you are telling me this, how can you live with me GK speaks Go farmer, Anuj is absolutely fine.



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