Anupama || 6 December Episode Story & Facts

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Vanraj is waiting for Anupama and Kavya, then Anupama comes out of the room or else asks what happened from the birth, what did you both talk about and she says nothing was between him and me then Anupama says you Such institutes, sit and dance, sab gane baja de anupama song baj diya, he sab dance lagte ho na jaye dobara hai, what happened in the middle of your room, he says that it was a matter between us and it happened between us.


Then you will come and see that only when Kavya comes from the room, Kavya goes to the music system and stops the song, then Kavya says that I also want to give you some gift today, on your anniversary, again Kavya household papers She gives it to Leela and to Babuji and says that this is your gift and forgive me and if she apologizes to everyone, she also tells everyone in the morning or the house is yours.


Forgive me then I apologize to you otherwise, you say let me come back, I have returned home, I am yours, just a little slow please then Vanraj smiles. Then you will see that everyone else starts dancing, then Anuj Kapadia comes to Anupama. They talk, then Anna ji puts glasses in Hanuman ji’s garden, then says what you keep doing like a child, your eyes meet.


Then you will get to see Leela and her husband saying that today we are very happy as we should have been married, we are everything, then it says a lot that the one who gave you such a good gift here says that It is not about the son’s house, when the family is together, the house does not matter, then sometimes the lover says something or the other for the bread, then online says that yes it is okay then told you that I also want to give you happiness.


Poetry speaks, I love a gift, love is a gift, then it has to be made and says, take it only for you, sometimes it speaks for me, then open that poem and see it was written in it or when the divorce paper goes to the song and all I miss you too after seeing the divorce paper, I want to tell you the time that you told my family members, can’t I keep you with me, I do not love you at all, if I ever spoke from there, how can I give a dialogue Yes, you must have come in the dues of Anupama, you must forgive me, then she feels Anupama.


Sometimes she starts pushing and says if I kill you left, then look if you have courage, then be smart, she starts pushing experiences, only otherwise the one who pulls ever and says that calm down or not, I have not made my decision HD No one is involved in the season, I diya yaar, I want your talaq, then Kavya starts doing docomo and asks to slap Anuj clothes, tell that you have courage to slap.




You will not be able to live in you again or you will not be able to live anywhere, he will be able to remember that you are threatening me by forgetting ever Today I say that he is threatening, he is doing right, I want your divorce. Sometimes she says, I will not divorce glitter, do anything, she tears the paper or on Monday the second kajal comes and says that I have a lot of space on how many fatalities I will get divorced.


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