Anupama || 11 January Episode Story & Facts

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Malvika tells Anupama that you understand what you mean, on the other hand you will see that Nandini and Samar are talking and asking to get the goods that the atleast Mr. Sa was released that how difficult the life of the mother has been or else Vanraj Sharda Nandini speaks then why doesn’t the father say in the mouth when he is trying to change, you can also try ours, I am not forcing you, you think only when every time he hears from his son like Mr. So how much pain and how much pain they must have felt, maybe teachers would have done that pain earlier, but now they do not do it, but if you are saying that Samar speaks, then I will think that Nandini speaks.




Please think that because for the first time in life the reason for anger ends, but anger does not end, as we get used to love or hate in the same way, then many times later we think that What was the reason for the hatred and still we do not remember that no matter how much we fought, no matter how much fights the family is, after all, like poetry is your family, summer speaks, Kavya has made a lot of mistakes, she is still doing it, maybe she will continue to do so. Family is family after all, poetry is your aunt, Nandu Giva does not speak chances, if you are saying then think that it is too late now.



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