Ghum hai kisi ka pyar mai || 14 December Episode Story & Facts

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Ghum hai kisi ka pyar mai full episode



Swapna says that after the aarti, you have to take gifts and gifts from your family and husbands, and the emperor fills you all and tells everyone that you too will have to give very good gifts and then says that the poor person is right for his luck and streak. It is bad, now see that Virat is gone before Padwa, he will not get any gift, right, I feel very bad for you.


Then it says rightly that Virat sir has already seen me gifts to Sonalika, so don’t feel bad for me, Patralekha tells the emperor that today I am going to get a gift from you, the emperor says here but I do not know that I should When will I get the gift I want from my wife, then Bhavani says that I have written all the four letters and start everything else in the juice, says Bhavani.


What is she doing standing in the corner from Sai, but everyone learns more when the emperor returns and looks like Virat, then I will get the same done from you, remember, Munna and what you have asked from Virat and for that the relationship between husband and wife is strong. There should be love should increase Bhavani thinks in the mind that the matter is still sitting on its demand.


And Virat bye not yet yet Virat come back soon then both of us have written a way to explain to Kaku but now all of you pay attention to your mission, all I want is that you come back to me safely then Bhavani would speak hai psycho and yes this lesson from charisma how the machine is doing by looking at all this learned from letter writing.


The emperor speaks well or is feeling very relaxed, the emperor says what happened, why did he stop, the emperor speaks to the emperor, why is your heart beating so loudly, the division speaks, there is such a thin silence, you are fine, are you not the emperor? Says yes I am absolutely fine, this heart is beating so hard just because of you.


Thine speaks because of me, what have I done, the emperor says that your one touch is enough to make my heart beat louder. Then Sai’s eye says that Modak is missing, she says that Virat IPS has a lot of mood, nor does he have to take permission to talk to you, although he has spoken to me.


Bhavani says that I should miss her, just like that, standing in the corner, she is smiling, pick up this empty bowl, go inside and bring the plate of aarti. Sai is alone and says going to the kitchen, I wish you Modak from here, how much I am missing you. Then he picks me up and says that I am being missed, it is true that yes I was missing you force.


It’s our first time, I mean you are my friend, so you don’t have any problem with me, it’s just a ritual and I’m a medical student The emperor Virat says that this custom is between husband and wife.


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