Ghum hai kisi ka pyar mai || 15 December Episode Story & Facts

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Ghum hai kisi ka pyar mai full episode


Sada’s wife asks Virat that I am going to take care of you and my children, Virat says look, look at some time from getting home, you have to find inspired food, she says for you I will be alone there, if Virat speaks then don’t worry about him Do I will come and meet you everyday and go I will keep you, the disease of that place is OK and the good thing is that the police do not know about the eternal wife but what does she look like.


That’s not an idea about it, I know I shouldn’t say everything, but the police department will try hundred percent to find the punishment video. That the person who lighted my vermilion is saying that I should apply vermilion, Virat speaks.


Look, Swati, you have to hide your identity, I understand your pain, but you will have to apply vermilion for one last sign of her forever I am wife Virat speaks so don’t worry about her I am thinking about identification behind you Swati says whatever you do, you have thought.


I have thought that you will sit in the car and start putting it, Swati speaks, you can do this much for me, do you know that while applying vermilion in the name of everlasting, I forget that I am not in this world, what do I know in my life Come back and get me back, now you can’t roam anywhere with money like before, after all, you will go along with the police, and whose next target will be you, the information that you could not get forever, definitely try to get it out of you. To find you, the land and sky have come out of a forest, you cannot talk to people in the city for a long time, what else do you know, your people will write information, you are left with me from the forest, Ashok ji, we prove this thing wrong. You have to do that because of me you are trapped in this forest, I am afraid for you, if Virat speaks then I do not need to worry about everyone.


Your delivery can happen anytime, think I will take it from someone else but have to keep an agent inside the hospital, then someday if you go to the hospital like this, you will be caught and said sorry, if this happens then I will go to jail, Virat says or not I will not let anything like this happen to your child at any cost, says Swati.


Just after listening to your words, I have left everything and come with you, don’t say this to your friend that you promised, I will never speak the promise, you speak the truth and are always good friends, don’t you tell any story of your friend Virat Speaks, I will tell you but then we are going to meet you everyday, look, think you will stay in a hotel for a few days, there will be no problem, you speak


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