Ghum hai kisi ka pyar mai || 6 December Episode Story & Facts

Ghum hai kisi ka pyar mai

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In this story you will be shown that when Virat leaves home for his mission from where he gets very upset, stay comes to his room, only then Paki also comes there, she comes to the right room with prasad. It says that I have brought blessings for you. Now that you have come back to your room, then there must be someone to do very little for you. That’s why I have come to welcome you.

Sahi says that I should come back to my room yes there is nothing like reducing well in this and I have nothing to do with Virat sir Pak says that I am Virat Selena and you stay away from her then it is better now look Virat How did you leave alone and how are you left alone in this room, it is true that who says that I am alone in this room,

Virat sir’s are done in this room and I am happy in this room, Paki would get very much burnt after hearing that She says that there is nothing like this between you and Virat does not like you, then I stop building this dream palace, you will not get anything from it and neither you and Virat have any such relation and tells the right to the rest. That we have a friendship relationship because both of us are doing well and the relationship will always be there.


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Sir tells him about this mission, he says that this mission is going to be a lot more challengers than your previous mission, take care of yourself, this terrorist is very smart, he has made a plan that tomorrow when Sir will come there, he will give them You are planning to kill them, you have to find them before their arrival. Remember, don’t kill them, just catch them,

I want to see them behind the bars, then here when Sai keeps putting his Baba’s photo on the wall, he Seeing Papa in his wounded And she talks to him that what should he do, whether Virat sir really loves him or not And now you have to think from the heart not with the mind because the relationship of the heart is always true, it is right that he did not talk to me about his heart, his baba says that you give him a chance to say that only then his baba takes him outside the window


I ask to see and say look there and you will get answers to all your questions here Virat reaches his camp and sees the gift given by his friend in which there is a photo of both of them and Virat thinks that today If this mission is not there, then I tell you many things which I want to tell you and here the ink is sitting with the same gift and keeps thinking about Virat, friends, this story till this, see you soon with the next story So stay tuned with us thanks to our website Daily Cars.

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