Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein  || 20 December Episode Story & Facts

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Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein full episode




Virat says that praise is my friend’s wife, she was in trouble yesterday, so I had to go to her yesterday, then her father says that which friend is this friend, where does you live and suddenly his wife got a problem in the middle of the night. To you he called you and you came and got up and left, Virat says that uncle, I will not be able to answer your questions because it is his personal method.


Because I can’t do lion in front of you all we have to respect their privacy and I didn’t take advantage of my position to help them sir I ACP Virat i.e. they didn’t help him I just helped him by being Virat that’s why I definitely understood that reporting to you about this is some other thing that you have to do, then its officers say, Virat, come to Jalandhar to talk to you.


The officer tells him that something like Virat has happened which you cannot tell to all of us, there has been uproar in the whole department due to him, I believe that it is necessary for you to know all this, Virat says what is the matter sir. Then say that the dead body disappeared before the post-mortem, he says how can it be, then he talks to the money, whether I also do not understand, or it is the work of the people of his group in the whole department. There has been an uproar.


And you are taking leave at such a time, Virat says that Sir, if my work is not necessary, then I do not take you leave, give me two-three days of alcohol, I do my duty after finishing my work, then again says that you You are talking to me about your friend, Virat says that this work is very important for me sir, you give me 2 days leave, just then you say that I do you mail me.


Then from there the officer leaves, then Virat’s wife standing there says what is the matter that you cannot send to me, you are making me more sad by doing everything but this is your insistence then it is okay then I I also see how long you do this with me again and comes sitting from there and 8 says where is Sai going, you have the right to know where I am going in the morning and I ask you so much. Can’t even ask where you were all night, then it goes right from there Virat is going alone.


And was thinking that what to do, I do not understand, tell the family members about him or not, then everyone comes in the room, Roh studies in the cupboard, only then Virat comes, then he has to walk right and Veer collides with the Jat, then Virat’s mouth Makes speak like this Hey there is no need to make a face, you also hit me Virat tells me that you cannot talk straight face, does Sai say how I will try to talk in a straight mouth just like you do.



Virat tells me that it is necessary to taunt on everything once you cannot talk to me without taunting Sai says that I cannot and actually I do not talk without you, it is my fault, I believe it is my fault. It’s my mistake, you also accept your mistake, since yesterday you are answering my direct questions in reverse and today you are teaching me how to talk


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