Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein  || 22 December Episode Story & Facts

Friends, today’s article is going to be very special for you because today in this article you will get to read that what will happen in the episode of Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein although you all must know that Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein. What’s going on in the episode of How Virat’s wife Sai is doubting Virat because he went out of the house at night, will you be able to tell the truth to Virat or not, keep visiting our website and telegram channel Join us too to get timely updates, so let’s read our article completely and know what will happen in today’s Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein episode.



Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein full episode



Sai is sitting in the hotel that her brother-in-law comes and says that drink juice, tea. Never lied to me, you never hid anything from me, then today what are you hiding from me, what happened, is there any problem, Sai says what will Jiju do knowing the problem for which there is no solution.



That means there is a problem. Sai says that if there is life, then the problem will remain there, but where can a person go by running away from his problem, whose jiju speaks, but if we share those problems, then there is power, what happened to our loved ones again Virat’s A fight broke out with it, it is rightly said that for a fight to take place, it is necessary for them to be in the house.


No, but he is busy helping his friend’s wife, he only cares about him, his brother-in-law says that what you are saying, I do not understand properly, please tell me clearly after all What is the matter, it says right since Virat has returned from the mission then tells him the whole thing and she says that Shruti’s name is DIG sir of that girl, even the DIG sir doesn’t know who is about cotton.



He and his family members have never heard this name before, his brother-in-law says that right you are doubting Virat, you know it or not, check it like that, I am not one of the readers, it says that I know Jiju but I It seems bad that we have started hiding things from me, there is a relationship of friendship between us and one friend tells everything to another friend, I have started feeling as if the distance between us has started increasing again. He has changed a lot since he returned from the mission, Jiju speaks.


Look at that the right relationship is like a kite’s string, sometimes it has to be relaxed to handle it, sometimes this toll has to be pulled, if the distance between you and Virat is increasing, right you should take those distances To reduce it, you should stand Virat Kohli, maybe Jane Wali Virat is helping his friend’s wife and if I tell something at this time, maybe he can get into some problem.


That’s why you are not telling but right I am very sure that when the right time comes, Virat will tell you the truth and at this time without saying anything like an understand wife, you should support Virat and try to understand him because I think That Virat needs your support a lot at this time, Sai says that here I was doing the same thing, neither Jiju, but he neither sees my efforts nor does he understand that he does not want to be around his mind I am, he has changed a lot, Jiju and come this cloud, I am being eaten inside.



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