Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein  || 25 December Episode Story & Facts

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Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein full episode



Preet asks science if you are fine Sai Sai speaks yes I am absolutely fine Force car is hopeful you eat he says no but your was fast no Sai says he was here but for whom I don’t want to be It doesn’t matter if I don’t eat or eat, Sai says, Mohit Bhaiya, today was your meeting, how did it happen, Mohit says it was very good, you will not believe, I got that role, it is a very good character, in fact This time I will perform in front of the first time camera, says Sai.



That Mohit brother, I always knew that we will all definitely see you on TV one day, I can’t wait for me, we should not take a big TV so that the whole family can see you and do theater films at home, Mohit speaks Sai it’s all right But you are fine, you are looking so sad and upset, that says why I started feeling sad, I have no reason to be sad, just for the last few days, Viraj has no behavior.


Neither for me nor for whatever change is happening inside them, I do not understand why Mohit says that then you find out nor I mean you keep Virat on more Sai says why are you saying this Mohit Bhaiya Mohit says that he does not understand Dada at all, go out of the house without informing him that he does not come home overnight. Sai says that I have asked many times but he is not ready to tell anything.


Mohit says that then ask Dada again 8 teeth, your husband is your best friend Sai says that if I were his best friend, then if I ask, he tells me something, he does not hide the truth from me. Didn’t tell anything in what he is helping him, I don’t know why I feel like Virat is in big trouble and says that everything has happened.


And the mission was successful too but there was no news of this mission in the new newspapers in TV, why Mohit speaks, I don’t know why but I feel it is not related to Dada’s mission, it is something else. That means some other thing means Mohit says that I mean it could be some other thing also.


I didn’t have to tell you, how did I stay more and you know that I don’t even know Sir where Dada is busy nowadays, only you can find out where Virat is going, Sai says that Mohit Bhaiya is the truth. Tell me if you are not hiding anything from me, Mohit says whether it is not right, I have nothing else to tell you, I told you as much as I could say.



Look, Mohit Bhaiya, I trust you a lot, if you are hiding something from me, then I will feel very bad. What are you thinking, say, Mohit says that just I was thinking about you and grandfather Sai says that please Mohit Bhaiya, I should not talk about him, now I will focus only on my studies and whatever he has given me Have to tell, he will tell himself, I am not going to ask him anything.



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