Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein  || 28 December Episode Story & Facts

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Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein full episode




Sai says candy crush Virat gives her candy crush she says thank you modak you are very good then virat’s brother says that he is really still a baby, then his nand says that it seems good to bet For the result, only Candy Crush will be distributed and not sweets, it is rightly said that nothing like this will happen Karishma because I will not share my candy close with anyone, while on the other hand it says that the childishness of Surat is not over, what more than that It is to be expected that the Emperor speaks.


That those who are from inside are true of the mind, we have a very good heart, I wish everyone is like this, then she says, on the other hand, do you remember when Virat brought Candy Crush for the first time, then hand in the right hand After washing hands, to feed them, there elder sister says that someone asked you what you are reminding everyone, then says wild chicken, don’t even think of doing such a thing, Sai says that you do not get tensed at all. Well, I will not do this at all because this time Modi’s Candy Crush is specially brought for me.


Again for my result, oh says Virat, you had fasted for me, sorry, you have not eaten anything till now. Open your fast, then I will definitely get you a good lunch, the promise is right again that I actually broke my fast, actually I was feeling very hungry, you did not even have me, how long did I wait for you to open my fast Then I got angry then I ate and you know, I don’t know and I was very hungry.



It’s your fault in this, I forgave you, you brought me such a good candy crush, then there the elder sister says that she can only have so much blood in this girl. That thank you Virat you did so much for me and I know you are very busy these days due to your work and it is clearly visible that you are also very upset m sorry I don’t know what was wrong and thought wrong and You got up early in the morning and went to college for my sake, thank you so much you don’t know how happy I am I am more happy because of candy close and balloon of your life than my result.




thank you so much you did for me and m sorry i misunderstood you sorry virat says that is not right today we will not talk about all Stay. The emperor says that there is no doubt that the ashram is our right, will the formers become a doctor on behalf of this world one day, but do not doubt your own ability, mercury and the intentions of those who want your well-being.


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