Saath nibhana saathiya season 2 || 15 January Episode Story & Facts

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Saath nibhana saathiya season 2 full episode





Jewel speaks Swara, you consider yourself a very big tactician, you always feel that none of your bets can be read in reverse, the tone cannot happen every time, however innocent the truth is, but in the end it is his victory and no matter how much the thief She is clever but she has to be defeated, you will have to go to jail, Swara has lost you in this game, then what is the joy, what has happened, Swara has brought a lot of confusion, she is thinking that you had made such a good plan, everything According to you, it was going on for 1 day, how did you accept Newton in the game, no matter I remove your confusion, I felt a strange feeling at the time of Aarti, felt as if she was calling me.



Just to see that I went out there I don’t see anything to say but I saw something Immediately ordered another cake and no one ate the cake with your face, then she says the car will come, look, its reality has spread vermilion in front of your name, wears mangalsutra around the neck, then he says that I will never forgive myself I will not do so much pain, after seeing my breaking your pain, I felt that no one really loves me.



But you don’t love me, you have cheated me, Swara says no, Pankaj ji then Pankaj goes to Dena and Anand and says that I never listened to both of you but if you were not there today, the whole family does not know. What happens, forgive me, I apologize to you Azamgarh, the song does not speak fat brother, please don’t apologize like this, it is not your fault, it is Sara’s fault, you believed in it and it betrayed you. She goes to Gyana and says that I slap you again with Anand’s mother-in-law and Sanwara and says beware, you even tried to raise a finger on my daughter-in-law, this step of yours has proved it.



Even though both of you were born from the same mother’s womb, but the values ​​of both of you are different. I have pity against my real sister for my truth, I shower you You who are praising it, it is not because of this that we both came on the road, says the mother of Paris.



Have always been silent after telling stories of 22, stop accusing you of what was in your luck and got it what was in your luck, then morning comes his mother and says that if this is the one who slapped you today If I had killed years ago, I would not have fallen so much today, what have you done?


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