Saath nibhana Saathiya season 2 || 14 December Episode Story & Facts

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Saath nibhana Saathiya season 2 full episode




Anand comes to say and says that jewel today you have melted the hard heart of mom, now it is just a matter of time to see then in some time it will be like before, now go and get ready for the competition today playing with heart And win with heart then see wax will pour you the best god from heart, go and get ready. Coming to the border.


She goes to her husband and says Shivraj ji, you are here again he says that you have not heard from the front, what did I say, get ready, go quickly and then speak the sura, that is Pankaj ji, how to win this competition? It comes but I don’t know how to win your heart, I know you Pankaj ji, I thought after thinking a lot about my bad idea to leave this room.


I should come back in this room so that it will happen even after us and our relationship also Pankaj says that Swara ji give me some time, it is getting late, I take a bath, I get a phone call on Pankaj’s phone, touches it and picks it up. Says hello, only then does she not like pigs and then she says no-no Pankaj ji is very busy.


And she will not be able to come and do not call this number again saying that you had kept the phone, you will also see on the same side that everyone reaches the competition and after doing what happens he says all the sisters Verma finally we are reaching the final On the side of the round, with which we will announce the best daughter-in-law, not one but many people have participated in this competition.



Everything was more than one but the finale comes, 2 best God is in front of us, one is deep direction which has 2 points and the other is sir order which is giving equal competition with full 1 point. But the rest of the daughters-in-law don’t need to be sad because there are surprises ahead in the competition and there are chances for everyone to win. Will sit and leave the book too, then says Swara.


i call mama she gets the phone she says mama pick up the phone but her mama doesn’t pick up the phone then you will see that only then kehna ke ke phone aata hai Kehna picks up the phone and says hello and says where is the hospital she on the phone He goes on talking there because he is not being heard, he starts talking.


Pankaj ji got a call on the phone, no one has come near the phone to say that Haryana speaks, only then does the pig come there and sing, snatches the mobile from you and disconnects the phone, then you have not spoken in the morning. How did I cut my phone, I saw my phone, I will tell it to my fat brother, then Ishwara speaks.


No, your fat brother is here, then where is the pig, says sorry, he says sorry, he is my husband, whether I want to send it there, what do you mean, you picked up the call of obese and you said that he too can not go to the police station .


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