Saath nibhana Saathiya season 2 || 15 December Episode Story & Facts

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Saath nibhana Saathiya season 2 full episode


Her mother says that Pandit ji’s work time is done, where is the jewel, the husband of the operation comes looking for so long, he says that she has gone out for some important work, only then you will see Pandit ji comes from outside Rishabh pandit ji Namaste to him and the rest of the family members also come. Then Panditji steps inside.


Then they stop completely and cut their feet, then Sura says that I should wash the feet of Panditji, then where is the post of Panditji, which used to be in front of my eyes every time I came, the family members ask who Pandit ji again says that every time he used to welcome me, then who is this, then she says that I should be the eldest daughter-in-law of this house and say that Jethani then her husband comes.


And says ji Pandit ji is my wife now Swara still both take the blessings of pandit ji then her mother Aniket’s mother asks why pandit ji is so tense on your face everything is fine or pandit ji says everything is fine Don’t feel I’m getting signs that the next 24 hours a house is very heavy Very heavy unhappiness is going to happen I am getting signals.


That the next 24 hours are seen in a very heavy danger place, his mother says, Pandit ji, what are you saying, then her husband comes, calm down, Pandit ji will there be any way to stop it, then you You will see that Sora Desai and her mother are in the same room, she is eating Swara and speaking.


that we come and eat you too but his mother would be tensed, by the way, juice pandit ji has done dishonesty, no one is eating anything about it, so why should I do that, that’s why I am eating, you also come, we don’t think you are mother’s Production has been delayed, the danger in Desai House came on the very day we both stepped in.


Hello brother, what happened, where are you lost, you say again that you have it, she says what will you do then she will take a coin to her mother, then her mother said, I will toss the coin, if the head shadows, then some trick is going on Rishi Swara speaks.


If the tail came, then it must have been said that there must have been some chalisa, then she made her aunt happy and Swara had put her on top of her and says Mama, first thing is, what are you trying to say to both the Headsuffertails and secondly, all the pandit in the house. Troubled by the words of ji, your sleep is stuck on the ghana.


Saurav says that I have some special firing of the night, then you will see that at night time, the morning is ready for decoration, in her room she says that the fan is not worthy of me, but I will go to my liver by making her a pawn if I can celebrate. For this, I have to make some love deal with them.


Then she sits on the bed, doing dark duty, someone comes to the door and cuts and then says sorry, come inside, the door is open, then you will see that now ghana comes in the room. Swara says to say that you go, Pankaj ji has come from here but she sits on the chair.



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