Saath Nibhana Saathiya Season 2 || 20 December Episode Story & Facts

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Season 2 full episode





She is not getting anywhere from her husband who speaks the song, then her husband says that I have seen the jewel everywhere, I have also checked the CCTV of the hospital, but I do not know where your mother has suddenly gone and then speaks the song Anand ji. She will not go anywhere leaving Swara like this, no matter what happens, it is not so easy to leave them together.


Anuj ji, something is wrong, Anand says that I am feeling that the atmosphere of the house is so bad nowadays, except a pig, there is no happiness on anyone’s face, Siswa is not happy, I do not understand. What should I do, you are in jail, mother, everything is set in the house, I have become absolutely Akhilesh, I speak jewel.



That Anand ji, do not give up until all this matter is not over, you do not promise to do duty, Nand ji, you will keep the whole family connected with me, Anand says, I will leave my whole family, ghan says that Anand ji you will soon Go home, Fat brother is about to come to that house, Anand ji, I am very scared.


Jai Swara again does not make any moves, while on the other hand you will see that there is a woman who says that you are not a guest, I am talking to you and I have come here for a while for a life time, I have come to get my healing back Swara It says that the right which belonged to you has become mine, Kanya ji says that the moonlight of 4 days would not have been available to you, neither see there are millions of moons in the sky till now, go back to the street from which you have come. Used to do


Tum dance song to go nacho singa and ja nachna song are one but not here in my house Sourav says how are you talking to me, you don’t need to make an innocent face in front of me, your real face is very nice to you. You know from me before your real face is exposed in front of everyone, tell your belongings from this road and walking from here Manohar says no, I will not go from today, I am married to Pankaj ji, this house is my in-laws.


In the elder daughter-in-law of this house and this elder daughter-in-law will not leave this house, the girl speaks, I also see how you do not go, this house is mine, Pankaj Desai’s wife, I am Kanak, understand the directions, you come out from my house, you are on the singer Be empty, that battle is mine, Swara speaks to you and Pankaj ji’s divorce has happened, neither whom are you talking about, which relationship are you talking to, you see, I am speaking to you with love that you come as you have said Go from here, there is no place for you in this house, only then the girl slaps Swara



Swarna falls down, then Pankaj picks up the boy, Pankaj stands up and says how dare you raise your hand on my wife and how long have I been seeing that in front of me that she is loving you and talking to you. And you slapped her goodness, that’s enough, your spectacle is no more, I am also saying what the girl was saying.



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