Saath nibhana saathiya season 2 || 22 December Episode Story & Facts

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Saath nibhana saathiya season 2 full episode



Heaven is not near to meet in the police station, she says what happened, I am getting irritated, hearing the name again and again, I also happen when the whole country came, only one name enters it Jewel Jewel Jewel This hand gets angry Don’t get so angry that you have to burn work down sura, work down relaxation, then burn the roots of your enemies, not your blood, by the way, why are you in so much tension, are you thinking that why I played the cast of your name, sorry. So you have already made it and it is in the court.


No song says where is mother Swara speaks now I have decided that I will back up this game, 2 days or two days are too much, 24 hours in next 24 hours I will send this game says Means Swara says that the song is with you, the lightning will fall on your family in such a way that you will keep watching, you will see how you are here in jail and there is no maternal uncle, I give you the head that the design behind your family will be a banging dramebaaz spicy. Speaks.



That if you thought of doing anything wrong with my family, then you know that I will leave the enemy of my family, neither she says that if you say no, you will not lift nor do anything with me, nor please give me something. Do not please and start laughing hi hi I am scared, the song says that look at the pig, I speak for the last time Swara don’t take my words in joke if even one comes on my family nor Swara says that today is not complete The flame will burst.


Scene 2

Pandit ji says when you go beyond your limits and to put an end to it, God himself has to come on earth and he also comes like Shri Krishna ji had come to end Kansa, while on the other hand says one Kanha ji, the way is very difficult, I can’t see anything, I can’t understand anything, please Kanha ji, you come or show me the way, no matter which way I have to go, I will walk but I will not allow my family to come even today. Pandit ji does not speak on the other side.


Similarly, the eighth child of Vasudev and Devaki came in the prison between thousands of feet, for whom it was already predicted that he would end Kansa, Krishna ji, Shri Krishna ji had to get out of the prison to destroy the evil and Kansa’s death. Had to end, on the other hand you will see that the bell starts ringing and the sound starts coming, the song speaks, what has happened, what is the sound, only then I will get there, not much is visible.


There is a fire in the police station, when she opens the people and tells them to run away soon, Gyana takes her away. Starts running away from Bainama, keeps running on the road, the song runs away, then comes to the police to say that you are at home and says to search every nook and corner of the house. Search the whole house, Anand asks the inspector to search our house, the film Inspector speaks, God is a word search warrant.




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