Saath nibhana saathiya season 2 || 25 December Episode Story & Facts

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Saath nibhana saathiya season 2 full episode




Anand grabs her mouth and pulls her back, then ghana says Anand ji, you Anand tells what you did, you ran away from jail, you know how scared I was, I never felt so much fear in life If it happened neither you are fine nor ghana says that Anand ji, I did not have time, I can not sleep anything and I do not understand how to talk to you, what I had to do for the well being of my whole family, I just did I have walked on that path ghana says that I took the wrong path because of the pig. Swara is making some big conspiracy against our family.



I don’t know what she’s going to do, I don’t know her plane, but Ana ji and she has given me 24 hours Anand ji, in these 24 hours we have to stop the same conspiracy, you will see on the other side the same support tied her mother Her mother asks her in the zodiac signs, what is Swara going to do in 24 hours, I am your mother, don’t tell me till today you have been driving my mind, nor Sourav says that if your daughter is sitting on the driving seat, then the car It will go as per her wish, but the tension is not about the plane, I have to say that she has escaped from jail, she does not know where is the rest, what is going on.


In her mind, her voice says that Mama, you have lit the light of your brain, and tell me where is the fate to say, her mother says here yes first you open me then I turn on the light of my mind, Swara speaks no, Mama so that you Do my life’s light extinguished, Na Mama, where do you say cut, I do not trust you, her mother says, Hey son, both of us are crime partners, I am on your mother.



And you are saying that you don’t have trust in me Sora, see how many scratches have happened on the skin, open the son Sura says no, if Mama doesn’t happen, then if I come next time, I will bring medicine that mother says, do you have my tension at all? It is not happening, she says that if I take your tension, then my life will become hyper tension, trusting you means sharing myself when I can put my son’s life at stake, she can also cut the throat of another daughter.



Anyways my plane is ready, but just before using it, she will have to change a little, because of that she has run away from jail, whatever is there, I will do this plane, I will stay united. ghana says that Anand ji, we will not stop his plane, so I have no way. How else did someone help you, does she say Anand ji, sometimes it is only those who cheat, extend a helping hand.



In this way I also got help, tell you that I was escaping from jail, then Kanika comes in the car, then she says, I have not done all this, sit in the car, but first you then take her in the car. ghana says that thank you Kanak for helping me escape from jail by setting fire, Kanak says that she had to go through fire to set fire, do you know the jail police law to come forward I have had a lot of experience in this jail was for months.




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