Saath nibhana saathiya season 2 || 28 December Episode Story & Facts

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Saath nibhana saathiya season 2 full episode





The song says that the next 12 hours are very precious for us because Swara has threatened me for 24 hours, 12 hours have passed, now what Maheshwara is going to do for the next 12 hours, we have to find out, we have to save our family. Will be Anand ji and for that we have to keep an eye on Suwara for every moment, what she does, where she goes, who she meets, have to keep an eye on every single moment, then there her sister-in-law speaks.


That I do one thing, go to the kitchen and look there because Hemant said that he has asked her to cook a lot of food, but you do not know that I go and find out Anand says that I do not understand Feeling very strange, Swara is only one step ahead of us, as long as we do something ahead, she has moved to the next move, then you will see that she says that she is taking something from a man again, Gehna speaks .


Anand ji has come here then now she says that Anand ji will give the date to the man that what he said is everything, he says later in this packet, this is a very dangerous thing, what will you do about it? Swara says that by this you mean take care of your business, take this money and come out from the narrow street, then Sara hides that packet, Jewel says with pleasure that what will happen in that packet, the juicer should hide that packet like this. Is going Anand ji or not, something is wrong, Anand says that Jewel, you wait here, I will go and see.


Swara brings that packet and puts it in the cupboard, when Anand is going near by, then stops Anand’s bio and says that where were you since when have you been away, I Anand tell you that brother I have an important work I talk to you later, he speaks to Pankaj’s jewel too, Bapuji called you to say something important to talk about and listen whatever you are, because I don’t mind in the matter of what you say and do. You have to read, you will see on the other side that she says that your arrival has not done any good for your AIIMS, look, she tells me.


That hey, refusing to say it is not simple, she will not speak, she says that I cannot do this, you do not know that she is very dangerous, more dangerous than you, I mean you are very good, my Kanak is a sister, she is not good to me She is very afraid of him, the voice comes there and says that it is necessary to be afraid, as much fear in the heart as the effect of the person in front, she says that Hema sister-in-law was afraid of you, I was joking, by the way, good news for you. I am doing a lot of work with all of you, nor must I be very tired, nor have I brought a help purse, the rest will do the work and you will rest, she says that means my holiday.


Mr. Kanak leaves from maternal uncle and says that what is all this drama, why are you preparing so much food, she says what is it, I go to Orphanage on the day of the birthday, I go there and feed the children, it is my day. The name of the children happens, Kanak says that charity and you, I do not believe in you, you and charity have nothing to do with it far and wide.




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