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Swara tells her mother that you must be feeling hungry, nor have I brought hot food for you, what happened uncle, I told you that I will not open your hands, but you can open the food that you want to eat, okay uncle, let’s go Swara says that take mama eat food from your daughter’s hand, her mother does not eat food but does kums then says sorry what has happened to you mama, i am your enemy, i am your daughter, i am feeding food with so much love You have to eat the food you are doing, take it and she puts the food in her mouth.



That’s why now I thump the food out of my mouth, Swara says why are you crying uncle, you are lucky, your daughter is feeding you with her own hands, show that too once, don’t you feel that Mama? That Swara is mad, let me go somewhere else, how can a daughter give poison to her mother, tell her maternal uncle, but you can give this to you, do you know whether I have the craze to become an actor or I am tired of being an idol wife, but now I thought that we were playing this game and will do the de-end of this game, let me come.



Mr. comes to say that you ran to your mother and says that I am not sorry, nothing will happen to you now, she says that you go here, there is a lot of danger, then go here from here she says that I I will die but I will take you with me. Jewel opens her mother’s rope and then she remembers the old days when she was jewel kumar. Then the pig comes over there and starts clapping and she says that I never thought that my sister ok you would write so stupid, Mama, you used to say that this player is number one.


But this is clumsy number one, what did you think you had come after following me, you did not come here, I have brought you here. The room in which you saw the packet did not have white powder in it, do not know what it was, the poison mixed with the cake, that time will come, the whole Desai family will eat and then know what will happen, what will happen, I will go to sin my exam tell you how because you did that If I had touched the packet, then the fingerprints scanned in it to say message to you, Desai Veer ready, the dreadful death of all the directions, then there will be only one discussion on everyone’s tongue Swaraj Christian, my name will be in the media in every newspaper Many for the coverage of this story Offers will come and will be found far behind.



Then I will get money, car, bungalow bank balance, red carpet, then only 6 hours are left in the exhibition of the plan and after that everyone will die, Swara says, see what the police did, it killed the whole family, I am telling the truth. Poison is mixed in 11 and everyone died after consuming that poison, Sourav says that if you are looking at how she is laughing like crazy, then it seems like a dream. Swara says that Anand is dead then starts laughing to say



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