Sath nibhana sathiya season 2 || 6 December Episode Story & Facts

Sath nibhana sathiya season 2

Friends, today we are going to tell you which story will be shown to you in Saath Nibhana Saathiya Season 2. friends, this story is going to be very intrasted, friends, if you are fond of reading such good stories, then you can save our website. So that we have been bringing such good stories for you and share it as much as possible so that we can make them more fun, friends, in the story shown to you, when all the people of the house come back home, then all of them keep having dinner. Kaku tells Gehna that son don’t serve more food today.

Today in the competition, our stomach is full after eating your laddoos that’s when Hema says that what is the advantage of winning such laddoos, Swara has gone, that too without doing anything, then Baa says that This competition was only to earn more money, if it was not so, then I would never have declared the winner who has danced that too at the place where everyone was present, it is against our culture, only then Diya and Krishna from outside.

Seeing them gehna mother says hey diya son, thank you Yes, we have come for the cup and where did you go, Diya says that we had just gone out, only then have to say that mother says that if I were in the place of sister-in-law, I would have married such a young girl with a girl without marriage. When she does not allow to go out, Swara says that I am the elder daughter-in-law of this house, I also never allow her to go out like this, then Diya says in anger that she does not have any problem with my family, so why are you doing it. I went to tell Gehna, Tawi has to say that the month says that sorry Jamuna sister, I had heard people outside saying that it is time to say that a boy in the house is saying that too without getting married.


After hearing all this, the mother says that now she will not go out like this, nor have I said it, then the mother of the gehna tells Krishna that now you also go to your house and wait and go and say that she is right. Now you too can’t stay here Gehna says that Krishna will not go anywhere, only then Diya mother says that Jewel cannot stay here now, then everyone turns against Anant mother, seeing this, Baa says that today I feel like this.

It has been that I am only a maid in this house, today you all have left me alone, saying that she leaves from there and then Swara and her mother keep partying in the room Swara mother says that today I saw how I saw Jamuna Kya alone is just the beginning, the morning says that yes mother did what you did Swara mother says that if you are sad to dance, then you dance at the behest of your mother, then you will win all the games.


Here Hema goes to the jail to meet again and tells her everything about how Swara and her mother have occupied the house and how she has trapped Pankaj in her trap. If she doesn’t like Pankaj has been subdued by that gehna sister, in the same way, if any sister of Swara comes, she will adopt Chetan, thinking that Hema gets scared, then Kanak tells Hema that you take me from here. Took out and told of the ocean.

Hema leaves from there, Kanak says that once I get out of this jail, I will tell Swara. Then everyone in the house is very upset because Baa tells Krishna to leave the house but the members of the house don’t want Krishna to leave from here. Gehna and Anand stop Krishnan to leave but he doesn’t stop Krishna. Tells Anand to keep giving me information about this mission, if I need it, then definitely remember me friends, if you want a similar story, then you can save our website, we will keep good stories for you on this website every day. Thanks will keep uploading.

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