Tera Mera Saath Rahe || 11 January Episode Story & Facts

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Gopi brings Mercy and gives Imarti to everyone, then elder sister says that Imarti, oh wow, this is my choice, after eating, I eat every day without it, I feel incomplete without it, I must have told you that Meenal would have liked it. Gopi says about whether or not Majhi told me, then she gives Imarti to everyone, the same amount is thinking in the mind that I do not know which one has cannabis medicine and which one is not, now further entertainment God trust Chirag Imarti I don’t want to call the zodiac a festival and says that today I do not feel like eating sweets, my lamp speaks.


If you are not doing that then I eat you don’t even eat it says zodiac lamp speaks, I feel like it, let me show you the zodiac says why you have to eat this lamp, eat this normal lamp, what is the problem? In this, Rashi says that in their romance, there is a bone in the kebab, the lamp speaks, so it is okay that my wife is also intelligent, the father of Iraq says that Badi Didi Khaiye Na Imarti is made very well, then she eats Imarti. And she says, what is this Imarti, Oh such a delicious Imarti, last time I got it to eat in 56 market of Indore.



And after this, today it is very tasty, hey, there is magic in your hands, Babu, let’s do some work, there is a good thing in this house, otherwise I am very fond of sharing my share of destiny among others, especially in this house, but yes whatever you want Has brought the daughter-in-law of this house, she has done a very good job, she starts eating Shri Gopi Imarti, only then Gopi starts getting intoxicated, the cannabis Gopi starts laughing loudly, Mithila Modi says that her daughter-in-law is watching the section in the room. Take it Mithila Modi says that the price of our copy is not like this at all, it is very good.



She doesn’t know why today she feels that why she is behaving that something is wrong and if she sleeps after taking some rest, it will be fine, elder sister then she says that I am big, I am not intellect, people should understand things, right? Yes, but I am definitely there, that’s why even today, you have the power to take your own decisions, Mithila Modi says that elder sister, I look on the other side, you gopi speaks able, you remember how well we danced, return rss Understand how much fun you had to dance, says Saksham.



What has happened to you Gopi’s Gopi says love is love, you are so cute, Asha, tell me, how do I like you? Oh friend, that’s why you are different, really gopi speaks how many times do you talk sweetly . To carry on your lineage so that this house can get an heir but you ignored what you did to Mithila Modi.



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