Tera Mera Saath Rahe || 14 January Episode Story & Facts

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Big sister says, Oh Gopi, it is a diamond, it is very clear, but only Mithila Modi can bring a girl with such a good heart, she wears glasses very much, but it looks very clear, Oh my glasses were lying far away and I am clean She kept on doing the mirror, but today this girl has cleaned my glasses and I have understood where I was wrong.



Elder didi then both of them Mr. Mithila Modi and elder didi hug each other and start crying and elder didi says that Mithila, hey I could not see life from your point of view, this your daughter-in-law spoke right in a childish moment. So it is absolutely right that for so many years I have been in a storm of anger, I could never imagine how difficult you must be going Had your life been so colourful, you would have accepted to live a colorless life, says Mithila Modi.



That sister don’t cry, you sit and see elder sister, I live with my family with full honor and respect, here everyone loves me, Meenal has given birth to capable Tikra Chirag and Tejal, but these three are my only children and I am very much I am happy didi you were angry with me in this 30 years but in the corner of my heart I had full faith my elder sister my mother my mother’s love her blessings are always with me be happy elder didi says elder didi speaks back.



Hey what are you looking at, touch your feet, take blessings, be happy and hug her, elder sister says that you were absolutely right, my favorite hero is neither Sunny Deol, then Gopi faints, only then do you speak without any intoxication It is because of this that Gopi has behaved like this. Mithila Modi says that I have full faith that my Gopi daughter-in-law can never do this. .



Mithila Modi says when the season of Gopi will come, whenever she will be able to tell what is the matter, how this thing happened, all this zodiac sign comes to the fledgling Vidya and says what are you doing here, both of you have climbed on my head. Even if there is doubt, it will kill us, my tension is getting a lot, then it says that by joining hands, time was becoming the queen of Jhansi, I will do this, I will do that and in this type the air becomes tight, the amount speaks.



What are you doing? Priya says, my smart partner, now understand this too and think that everyone will ask how Gopika’s condition happened like this, what will you tell.




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