Tera mera saath rahe || 14 December Episode Story & Facts

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Tera mera saath rahe full episode


Gopi says Saksham ji breakfast then Saksham speaks Gopi village for breakfast then I will be late to tell mother I left for office Sir Jai Shri Krishna takes Saksham saying from there again you will see Gopi’s food in kitchen Rashi comes there, says Gopi, says Rashi sister Kala Saksham ji, I think she slept late and took her to work in the morning, then Rashi says yes at night when I came to the kitchen to drink water, Saksham Was sleeping on the bar super speaks the amount.


What is the matter of Gopi, you had said that Saksham has promised to walk with you, why are you angry, what does Gopi say here? Rashi sister is angry with me after the spray accident. Gaya but now you are in the house or do something, Gopi says, what should I do?


But what can I do? Zodiac sister, Rashi speaks, I tell you, I have a very good idea, Gopi speaks, then Rashi tells Gopi’s ear, then the copy says that they will like this zodiac, which zodiac do you speak? It will feel good and the negativity which is spread in this house will not all go away, then it is absolutely a very good solution.


Gopi says whatever I am telling, although sister you are absolutely right, I work, I give tea, breakfast and her medicine to Maaji and also tell about it together. Then the spider alone says that he had gone to make my husband master and now look how I make your husband, but will he know only at night.


On the other hand, you will see that a man comes to Pramila, he says about the interest, how the interest then Mila says that as soon as the interest speaks, the television runs on it, only then Kinjal comes there, then Parmila changes the matter. gives. Then will see further you also call to Saksham but Saksham does not pick up the phone Gopi Kaka then copy has called to the assistant over there.


She reaches him and where is Saksham ji, she is not picking up the phone, she says that I am Gopi’s wife, then later says that sir is a little busy today, you can tell me then she says that I asked her today Was there any deal, was it completed, the man kept on talking, so sir I am feeling the order full today.


Neither she speaks to say thanks that Umesh ji had to convey a message, whenever you send a message to sow the seeds of the devotees, you say to come back home by 8:00 today, what is my surprise plan for her Then Priya goes there and says whose phone was she, she says that it was Gopi’s phone, then what were you telling her then later tells her.



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