Tera mera saath rahe || 20 December Episode Story & Facts

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Tera mera saath rahe full episode



Mithila Modi says that it has been a long time, these knives need to be sharpened, only then there comes jaundice and Mithila gets shocked seeing Modi, the knife in her hands says Mithila, will have to sharpen the edge Priya stands behind and says that Mithila Modi has written.


This letter Mithila Modi comes out, there a man is standing in a rickshaw who is sharpening his knife, he tells me tall, brother sir, after a long time you are sharpening them, then only I would have doubted the district modi. that someone bites behind him.


Mithila sir then idol is behind and looks at Priya and says what is the matter Priya doing here, come here quickly then Priya Modi starts moving towards your Modi and you ask so much Modi what is there You were doing something, you want to say something, you have to say something, Priya speaks, she speaks to me.


What will she say clearly, then Priya speaks, this knife speaks in Mithila, now understand that you want to ask, why do I get all the knives sharpened from them for the first time because they are coming to our house for the last 20 years and this is their livelihood. If I buy a knife from the market, then how will it work, we are girls from our situation.


Not at all, do it inside the studio too, it says dear, it is such a good idea, you get to learn something new from you every morning. If written then who gave it after all, only then a man comes and tells Priya, take this milk, Priya starts going after that man and says.


that I have lost this milk somewhere, wait, wait, the festival man does not stop and goes on the cycle, then Priya says that I do not understand who is the servant and who is the queen, what should I do with the milk, then the jaundice man missed that letter. Tha is and flies in the air and gets stuck in the middle of the CDO, Priya goes there and climbs up to the CDO, the heart is sad Mahua, only then you will see that Piya has milk in her hands and that letter also flies from there. Is.


And that letter then comes over there too and says why are you looking so upset dear sister where is the sweat on your head even today, what is the matter Priya sister and this milk debt will run, what is Priya talking about? Is that I was doing cardio exercise, Gopi says you are going to eat milk with milk, you were joking, even laughing is good for health.



Na piya says right then Gopi says that morning’s talk was left incomplete, let’s do it now let’s gopi go down then think priya and milk falls down from hand only then that letter also goes away that letter Kinjal When her mother picks up she is about to study, then Priya spills all the milk on her.



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