Tera mera saath rahe || 22 December Episode Story & Facts

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Gopi is saying in private that today I am going with Saksham ji for the first time to which place of his choice, wearing a sari of his choice, Kanha ji, thank you very much, then Mithila Modi comes back there and says that Gopi is daughter-in-law, Krishna, the spirit of Lord Gopi is looking very beautiful, I will eat it, keep the hair open like this, I pray to Lord Krishna.


That the spirit of our Gopi and her happiness should not be looked down upon by anyone, Gopika says that thanks Maji Gopi is evil, Mithila Modi would never stop Mithila Modi and says no you are not my daughter-in-law, you are my daughter and do not touch on daughters. Be happy only then Saksham comes back there and says.


Mother Mithila Modi says Look how beautiful she is looking Gopi daughter-in-law is sad Mithila Modi says what happened why your face is down, you seem upset, Saksham says that there is a fire in the kitchen in the restaurant where I had booked the table. It has started and at the last minute they have canceled our reservation. Mithila Modi speaks.


Don’t be discouraged, Gopi’s spirit looks capable, do one thing, go somewhere else, you can say that it is not possible, mother, today is Sunday, already the table will be booked in advance and it will be difficult to book the last-minute table. Let’s drop the plane Mithila Modi says that not at all unless I say this plan will not be canceled, says Saksham.


Mother also speaks Mithila and says that I am not, how will you be, where will you go, what will I do, both of you just be ready. On the other hand you will see that Priya speaks to her maternal uncle that the voice was that of a man and there are only four men in the house, one is capable and his father and one you and one lamp, what do you think, who can be a blackmailer to your uncle? Mama speaks.


What do I know the bag blackmailer what my uncle thinks, but why do I feel like black mirror may be my uncle, his maternal uncle says wow what is going right now you start doubting your old uncle Duffer, be your maternal uncle, I have made you so big by reaching near to you.


That you are the husband of another and you are doubting me, see son, I am in your team, I am not your blackmail, it says that you cannot be Keshav Uncle, it means that you have full rights or Keshav Uncle Anyone can be a blackmailer. On the other hand, you can see that Gopi and Saksham are sitting in the car.


And sorry to everyone, where are you going with the money, the driver says that sorry brother-in-law, Maithili Modi has forbidden me, there is a surprise for you, you will go and see it, then you will see that Gopi says that brother, you tell us Why did we bring back home, our dinner is yet to come, Saksham says what happened to Madan and brought him back home, when the driver gets down from the car and runs away.


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