Tera mera saath rahe || 24 December Episode Story & Facts

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Tera Mera Saath Rahe Full Episode



Saksham says that that driver was also with mother in mother’s planning Saksham says ok thank you everyone for giving this beautiful little surprise I know you guys are listening to our voice somewhere here Gopi also says that from my side too Thank you all but the table is empty Mithila Modi says that Chirag Ashi, today both of you should be waiters for your brother-in-law and take care of their needs, it is said that ji elder mother Chirag speaks Ashi baby exciting I will work I will play chutki to you Turning on the music, Chirag comes to him and says.



That’s welcome ma’am welcome sir, I’m present in your khidmat, you must have liked all that we have decorated, Gopi says Chirag Bhaiya, you are very good, thank you Chirag says that brother no personal talks today I am your son, I am fine What will you feed you, you are able to say that well, tell me what is in today’s month, what will the Italian Indian eat, but all your choice is why I have made yours, before that you enjoy our music, playing a pinch, the music doesn’t play the lamp. Even then it does not move, Gopi says that it seems that there are more people.



No, that lamp says that I think there must be a technical issue, I will go and see then you enjoy your time so much, I came in 2 minutes also tells my maternal uncle that sometimes the person should be left behind by his maternal uncle. They say, hey man, where is the horse coming from, he will eat it, now black is going to give money to me, now it is necessary to recover that money and anyway the man belongs to Modi house, so brother money from home If you go, you have to take money from home.



Na Mast plan, jaundice says that I think blackmailer is not there and no one has any role in answer’s lamp and face, his maternal uncle speaks, then some professional speaks Priya says that whatever is black for me today I will keep finding out and on the other hand you will see that Chirag brings food to Saksham and enjoy for Gopi and says enjoy and Knight Saksham says thank you again sorry teaches Gopi how to drink juice by holding him in hand and How to eat food, Gopi says that I have seen all this in films with Saksham.



And this she is doing it for the first time in candle dinner Gopi says that you have ever had candle dinner before Saksham says that here because I have been married many times before, Saksham says that I am joking too Have candle light dinner for the first time with you, it also tells the year that it is good today so much so that we came to know that at least one thing is similar between the two of us, if we keep walking by supporting each other, then I will talk about you. Other things will also come to light.



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