Tera mera saath rahe || 27 December Episode Story & Facts

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Tera Mera Saath Rahe Full Episode




Gopi comes to Mithila Modi and says thank you very much mother, I have spent the most beautiful of my life because of you, I will never speak on this night Mithila Modi says be happy only then Mithila Modi becomes sad Gopi Says what happened Mama ji you are not happy Mithila Modi says that you did not know which god I am very happy for you and Saksham’s scattered, but to be honest, the feeling of cabbage suddenly feels like something is right. It is not going to happen, something is going to go wrong, I don’t know why I will definitely say this much, it is not necessary that our life should be just flowers.



There are thorns along with flowers, now look as if in one moment there is a feeling of happiness, the next moment it seems that I do not know whether I will get that happiness tomorrow night or not, Gopi says what are you doing, I understand something I am not coming, tell me clearly, Mithila Modi says that I am seriously thinking about the accident, who had hit my head with a stick and why there is such a strict watchman outside our house and in the house there is only one house. If there were people, then who could that person be and whether it is the hand of one or not, it has only one meaning.



That this is a deep trick of a person, just you have to be very careful, on the other hand you will see that Priya has tied the zodiac, sitting on the chair in the zodiac, there her maternal uncle and Priya come and open the door, Priya speaks. That’s what uncle to do, if we keep it here, it will come here looking for it from the husband and we will find it and if we let it go, then it will go and break our panda, even then we will get stuck, his maternal uncle says that son when cantaloupe knife But the melon has to fall or the knife cuts on the melon but I don’t know why I feel like this


That she probably wants to say something, Priya says that she cannot say anything, that’s why she has closed her mouth or else she will shout and collect the whole shepherd, Mama says that man, niece, look carefully, this is something that wants to speak to us. Priya says ok, she will not call her husband here by shouting, nor does it come from her mouth, then she says Rashi Stupid idiot just shuts her mouth, what says that you have not opened your mouth to hear your praise.


Talk about the issue quietly, otherwise stay like this and both of you know very well what to do, then again they say that if you do not scream, then the zodiac says that hey listen to my whole talk, I am not with you only. I meet you in trust, came to shake hands with you, Mama says that it’s just such a thing, son, it is such a thing, so bring us together, Priya says that Mamaji stop it, how to do a good test, it’s so late like a black mare Bani was torturing me mentally and now suddenly want to shake hands.



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