Tera Mera Saath Rahe || 4 January Episode Story & Facts

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Tera Mera Saath Rahe Full Episode





Gopi comes to Mithila Modi and says that mother, what are you doing all this Mithila Modi is saying that I am looking at whether all the goods are in their place or not, there is no shortage in elder sister’s food. Gopi says that mother, I have never seen you so upset before, what is the matter, if you do not mind, Mithila Modi says, ask Gopi’s attitude towards you, I felt a little rude towards you Why did Bijla Modi say that because he is angry with me.



I am wrong in their eyes, elder sister did not want Minal and Saksham’s father to get married, but despite her not wanting, I got Minal and Saksham’s father married. Getting my husband married to my younger sister by placing a stone on my heart was my biggest mistake in the eyes of elder sister, for which she has not done me till today, Gopi says that Verma ji with Meenal Maji and her with elder father Good behavior.




Whatever you have done, why do you have so much displeasure in giving a partner, it tells us that even today I am not able to understand this thing, I only try to make the relationship between me and my elder sister like before. Because the elder sister is not my elder sister for me, my mother is Gopi says that the sacrifice you have made for this family is not possible for any woman.



How to explain the sense of cabbage In these 30 years, he did not even say 30 words to me, when I do not even talk about anything, then I should explain to him how I am the spirit of Gopi, I dream of my elder sister’s childhood and my elder sister in my childhood. She used to play in the courtyard, she used to take great care of me, just I want to live in the same dream, Gopi says that mother, this dream of yours will be a reality very soon, believe me, I have full faith in my Kanha ji that it will happen very soon. Modi speaks to me.




May God make your words come true, Hey elder sister has to make arrangements for food and accommodation, there should be no shortage, elder sister does not like imarti very much and especially my hands, she asks Gopi that you will make her die. Yes, then she says that I will definitely make Majhi, Mithila Modi says that make a sweet imarti and win the love of elder sister, I come after seeing elder sister. Saksham comes and helps him to make Imarti along with Gopi in the kitchen and they are very happy both Gopi is very happy they make the Imarti of Alphabet. Gopi says that sorry Chirag brother, it is not such a thing, I also have to study, but now I am making Imarti, there is more work in the house, in the midst of all the responsibilities, then only able comes and says that this study should be done by the student teacher. Used to be




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