Tera Mera Saath Rahe || 6 December Episode Story & Facts

Friends, in this amazing episode, you got to see what will happen in the episode of Tera Mera Saath Rahe, although you all know what is going on in the episode of Tera Mera Saath Rahe, Gopi thinks that we had a party for her. But it is a peace party and there Priya is coming to college to know what will happen, you won our website and also join telegram channel to get the latest updates on time.



Tera mera saath rahe full episode



You will see that the waiter comes and the gopis do not think that you are lying behind us, they are starting to feed all the food, from where will we bring the food Gopi says sorry, I did not know that I did not sit and leave from there. Then you will see that the Gopi goes to the place where the food is being prepared, the work that is being done there is scolding them, the son is losing that from where it was made and the one who is going to cook the food is not there.



Still she comes and says no problem, I will help you, I am helping in cooking. Bigo Pinky helps in cooking and cooks food then you will see the same on the other side that Saksham and Priya are standing Priya is crying and telling about her family and saying that you have friendship with me Aishwarya Rai Gave me so much love, then holds her hand, gets rid of her able hand, yet still embraces reservation.


Then the same you will see on the other side that Mithila Modi is saying in Modi Bhavan that Saksham has kept a party in me, how much fun he is having so much that the amount speaks there again, now he must be doing it in fun too. I should be involved in their happiness, it tells me that it will not go there, but it is their happiness, they have kept them surprised. We will not spoil his party, says to the ashes of the zodiac that you say something, you are sitting quietly, then say something, then it should be told that it should be included in their happiness, then I agree to your Modi.



And says ok we joined her surprise party and stayed with her that she will be very happy. Liquor will see that the better is beating everyone and preparations are being made for the dance, everyone listens to each other’s partners, it becomes dark there by day. Everyone is born to a mother, only then Saksham catches Gopi and he also starts dancing. Saksham thinks that Priya is there, that is, Gopi dances on Radhika and Priya is dancing with someone else.



Then will see that yours also comes to Saksham and Priya says Sanam has come to you in the final, asks if you will come to me, then first the wandering person starts joining me that who was then only then the song stops then better come He comes with meter cake, everyone tells Gopi to wish you a very happy birthday, then says thank you, then Gopi says that you take the cake, the truth is still in front of you, still take the matter cake.


Saksham ho gaya tere ji aap ka cake Saksham says that I have not asked that whose birthday is all She stands up. Tells sex matter that there is no birthday party, client party is business parties, who came here for all business, who told you to have a birthday party, take him to Gopi starts crying and leaves from there.



Whenever she is going out, only then the nightingale comes there and the whole family comes, she also sees you, she is sitting sick, so why are you crying while speaking, then she also goes from inside.


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